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House Portraits - a perfect gift or memento

I am a UK-based artist who creates beautiful, personalised house and building portraits, perfect for a thoughtful gift or a unique memento.

I have always been fascinated by architecture in context, particularly in the case of people’s homes and architectural structures. In my paintings and drawings, I attempt to capture the atmosphere of each building and a sense of the memories and lives lived in each home. I have a passion for capturing the details in architecture and have found through years of experience that ink drawings are the best way to do this, creating an illustrative style that adds to the atmosphere of stories and memories in each piece.

  • House Portraits
  • Watercolour House Paintings
  • Pen and Ink House Drawings
  • Framed or Unframed

Houses are such a personal thing it makes sense to have a personalised and unique piece of art to capture the joy and love you experience at home.

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Gift Certificates

If you would like to give a house portrait to someone, you may like to order them a gift certificate, so that they can choose the specific details themselves and make sure it's their ideal portrait. 

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Commercial illustration

I am also passionate about commercial and architectural illustration for businesses. I provide a professional and reliable service for any artistic needs you or your business may have, be it a beautiful illustration of your shop-front, a mural to represent your business or create the perfect atmosphere in a commercial space, or an illustrated map to present your excellent location.

  • Commercial Architectural Illustration
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Murals
  • Hand-Painted Maps

Personalised and hand-painted art can provide a business with a more personal atmosphere and create a calming and inspiring place to be. Commercial buildings such as shops or pubs deserve a beautiful, artistic representation to show the memories and joy that a building can bring to our lives.

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About Me

Like many, I have loved art all my life and spent hours painstakingly developing my skill and personal style. Over that time, I have come to realise that architectural drawings are an amazing way, not only to capture a place in a beautiful, hand-painted memento, but also to appreciate the feeling of safety that can only be found in one's home, or the specific ethos of a business. 

Art has always provided refuge for me and so representing people's homes allows me to convey that sense of safety and sanctuary in a piece of art. I adore being able to create works of art that can hold a special place in someone's heart or remind them of the joys they experienced there. 

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How it Works - producing a house portrait of your home

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